Injection Therapy

When clinically indicated and as part of a comprehensive treatment plan injection therapy can be used to treat many painful joint and soft tissue conditions.

We can offer:

  • An orthopaedic assessment
  • Arrange rapid onward referrals for X-Ray, Ultrasound or MRI if needed.
  • Individualised treatment plans that utilise advanced injection therapy techniques when needed.

Pain at the knee, ankle or foot can prevent you from participating in the activities that you enjoy or prevent you from being able to go to work. Injections play different roles in rehabilitation. They may:

  • Reduce painful symptoms and inflammation
  • Improve function and mobility
  • Promote healing
  • Improve joint shock absorption and lubrication
  • Delay the need for medication or surgery.

Your specialist podiatrist will be happy to discuss the various treatment options available as injection therapy.

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